For your convenience, we offer best price in the industry GUARANTEED.

1. Buy An Employee Basis (FTE)

  • You can buy an employee here in India who will work for you and only for you for 150 hrs per month.

  • The employee will be supervised by a senior manager who will go through the work done thoroughly before it comes to you.

  • Only after senior manager’s nod, the job would be turned around to you.. Their is fixed monthly rate in this method.

  • Turn around time is (TAT) is 6-8 days.
  • 2. Hourly basis

  • In hourly basis you have below two choices:

    a. Pay in Advance

  • In this you pay in advance for the hours you are looking to buy.
  • Turn around time is (TAT) is 8 days

  • b. Pay once job is done

  • In this you pay for hours used to complete your job once you receive the accomplished job.
  • Turn around time is (TAT) is 10 days

  • “Think Wise, Act Smart, Try Outsourcing.”